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Guapi is in the southwest of Cauca department, at the edge of the Colombian pacific and Río Guapi; a hidden treasure of the country. It keeps all the tropical forest secrets and between the ocean and the river, it beats at the marimbas and lullabies rhythm. These are the living proof of the culture, spiritual and medicinal traditions of afro Colombian people.

Where are you going to stay?

  • You will stay in the town "vereda Quiroga". You will wake up at the sight of Río Guapi and the tropical forest. Its the perfect place to rest and connect with the pacific culture.

Single, double or multiple acommodation; Private or shared bathroom; Phone signal; WiFi; Electricity.

  • Also you will spend the night in the inner city of Guapi. It has single, double or multiple rooms with AC and fans.

Single, Double or Multiple acommodation; Private bathroom; Phone signal; WiFi; Electricity


Day 1


Our experience begins in the flight, where you will see a beautiful air view of the pacific, stuck between the river and the ocean: Guapi.

Our arrival will be around 12:00 p.m. and we will begin by tasting a typical guapireño dish with all the knowledge and secrets of traditional cooking seasonings. The ancestral and traditional beverage is also a symbol of spiritual and medicinal knowledge.

After letting food tickle your senses, we will give a tour around the inner city, getting into the history of its streets and how the arrival of African tribes has influenced its people. We will get to know the most emblematic places (its center, churches and artisan markets). Afterwards, we will enjoy an artistic take by a Marimba musical group, who will teach us currulao and bambuco dances, which are included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO.

Day 2


The day starts with a good breakfast, very early in the morning. After our first contact with the river, the first stop is in Sanson, at the Torres’ family house who have the living marimba museum. Then we will arrive to Joanico where we can meet the small villages with their unique ecosystems between palms and naidi crops.

In this plants tour, we will use the “azoteas” technique to recognize the value of the sowing tradition, while enjoying a delicious lunch. The dessert (cocada) will be handmade, as it is a traditional sweet of the Colombian pacific. Before saying goodbye to this incredible community, leaded by women, we will meet the traditional “potrillo” and the history inside this boat.

Day 2


After 12:00 p.m. we will enter ourselves into the river again. After approximately 20 minutes, we will arrive to Quiroga, a small village that will teach us about the different jobs performed around the mangrove and the ocean. Arriving to Obregones beach we will learn about pinagua and clams’ recollection and have a well-deserved snack. During a walk in the beach we will run into orange crabs and water birds, finishing with a fishing experience, getting to know also the fishermen stories that build the town’s history and their families’.

Day 3


Early in the morning we will have breakfast and head towards the National Park on a trip that lasts 2 hours approximately but will be welcomed by the beautiful Gorgona and Gorgonilla islands. These are national treasures of diversity and conservation, and Gorgonilla is considered the first scientific island. After the introduction, we will start the path towards Playa Palmeras, which is quality certified and shows us the beauty of this mysterious island and its history.

If we are silent enough, we will be able to sight snakes, capuchin monkeys, sloths, etc. after snacks and lunch on the beach, we will start the El Penal path, where you will find antique prison ruins, and you will have an hour to tour the town and enjoy the nature pool. Back to Guapi, you will enjoy a cultural show full of music, dishes and beverages to say goodbye to this paradise.

Day 4


After breakfast, we will have a small tour through La Galería street, where the colors of traditional agriculture products combine, and arrive to nearby towns. You will see how they put together by men next to herbs, fruits and vegetables, for them to be exposed next to fresh fish and mollusks. Meanwhile, women are leading the selling activities of all products that lighten the gastronomy and medicinal knowledge. With this experience, we say goodbye to Guapi, a hidden treasure inside the Colombian pacific.

  • Road transportation
  • Food (all day)
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  • Entrances
  • Tour guide expert in nature
  • Insurance for accidents
  • Activities mentioned previously
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  • Alcoholic beverages
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- Trekking waterproof boots.
- Rubber boots
- Rainproof jacket
- Trekking pants
- Cap / hat
- Swimsuit
- Sandals
- Frontal flashlight
- Bottle of water
- Sunscreen
- Backpack for the day
- Facemask
- COVID-19 vaccine certificate

- Binoculars
- Professional camera
- Sunglasses

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