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The Putumayo department is in the south of Colombia and has a privileged location, where the central Andes and the Amazon find each other, forming an ecological hall, vital for biodiversity conservation. This makes it an ideal destination for nature lovers.

Join us to live a unique landscape, where the Amazonian jungle is surrounded by the immense range of Andes’ mountains. It gives you an image of our diverse and enormous territory and ecosystems. 

Where are you going to stay?

It’s a country lodge in the middle of a reserve that protects and recovers 60 hectares of tropical rainforest in the Amazonian – Andean piedemonte, one of the 10 most diverse ecosystems in the world. During your stay you will get to know the ancestral paths and be a part of the learning process that we are living, in which its necessary to change, adjust and create new habits that are more conscious with the ecosystem.

Twin bed, double or private; Hot Water, Private or shared bathroom; Phone signal; WiFi; Electricity


Day 1


Today we will arrive to Puerto Asís, an ancient territory of the Kofan indigenous tribe, located at the side of the Rio Putumayo and known as the commercial capital of the department. In this village, the range of Andes disappears and turns into plain, which gives Villagarzón the name of “the door of the Amazon”.

We will head to Villagarzón up to the Yachay natural reserve, where we will have an ancestral welcoming from the Inga indigenous people, visiting their “chagras” (medicinal plants’ crops) and the path towards the pond “ambiyaku” (medicinal water). It’s the perfect beginning to an incredible adventure in the middle of the biodiversity of a magical territory with the first sunshine, birds, monkeys and all the forest wildlife.

Aside from the welcoming, we will then head towards the hotel El Portal del Sol. After dinner, we will get into the forest, to contact mother nature on a different context, through a night expedition to meet frogs and other night species in the ecosystem.

Day 2


On this day, we will head to one of the most impressive waterfalls of Colombia, which was baptized “the end of the world” due to its 70 mts. fall towards a cliff. At the top of this waterfall, you will be able to feel all its power.

The hiking lasts for approximately 2 hours, going through the “black pit” and “swallow pit” waterfalls, and the stone bridge, finishing at the top of “the end of the world”. There, we will have lunch, contemplate the landscape and head back to the hotel.

Day 3


We will start the day by entering the amazon, where the crystal waters of Río Vides await. This river is born at the top of the range of Andes on the “Santuario de Flora Plantas Medicinales Orito Ingi–Ande”, a join of the culture and biology and culture of the amazon and Andean region. Its covered almost completely by conservated forests with a big amount of fauna and flora diversity.

Rincón del Vides is a magical place where the perfectly conservated river and all its fish species and forests are the star. It is born at the top of the range of Andes, going throughout the Amazonian piedemonte until the Río San Juan, making its way to Río Putumayo. The more than 30 years of conservation work from the villagers have kept the river in perfect condition, with crystal turquoise waters, and being the home of big fish communities from different species.

Day 4


The adventure starts on the Mohano path, which covers a tropical rainforest, refugee and biological hall of numerous birds and primate species, guided by the territory guardians. We will understand the recovery process and natural conservation of the ecosystem until La Mohana waterfall, a place where the Kofan shamans and healers turned into the “Tigre Mohano” (jaguar man) to defend its territory. This will be a day to enjoy the nature guided by the singing of birds, monkeys, and the colors of butterflies.

We will have lunch at Centro Ecoturístico Donde Se Oculta el Sol and get back at Puerto Asís to catch a flight and say goodbye to Putumayo.

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- Trekking waterproof boots.
- Rubber boots
- Rainproof jacket
- Trekking pants
- Cap / hat
- Swimsuit
- Sandals
- Frontal flashlight
- Bottle of water
- Sunscreen
- Backpack for the day
- Facemask
- COVID-19 vaccine certificate

- Binoculars
- Camera
- Sunglasses

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