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San Jose del Guaviare is in a privileged place, between 3 ecosystems, which makes it a unique place that offers everything for everyone. It’s formed by the Amazon, La Orinoquia, and the Escudo Guayanés. La Serranía de La Lindosa is the home of ancestral paintings and civilizations, and the natural connection with La Sierra de La Macarena.
It takes part of the geological connection of escudo Guayanés, a Precambrian rocky formation. Join us into a unique place, where the amazon forest finds the plain, the Escudo Guayanés and the ancestral cave paintings. This image helps us picture a place where nature and the ancient are one.

You will stay in:

[First night acommodation] - This is a country lodge with the perfect view towards Rio Guaviare. Here you will find the tranquility that the nature gives with all the amenities such as a jacuzzi and resting areas. You can choose between private or shared rooms.

Twin, double, private; Hot water; Private or shared bathroom; Phone signal; WiFi; Electricity

[Second and third night acommodation] Quinto Nivel is a Cosmopolitan hotel that gives you all the amenities of a modern hotel. It includes a resto-bar, four Jacuzzis and an incredible view of río Guaviare. This hotel has all the comfort needed after a long day of adventures.

Private room; Hot water; Private bathroom; Phone signal; WiFi; Electricity


Day 1


In this day, we will arrive to San José, a place known as “the Chiribiquete door”, where the forest, the plain and the Escudo Guayanés find each other to form a territory full of history, ancestral paintings, where nature and the ancient are one.
We will arrive to Puerta de Orión, a set of rocky formations that build the Escudo Guayanés. Here you will see how
the forms of nature tickle your senses to show figures in rocks, full of live and history. It is known as Puerta de Orión because here you can watch, as the tale tells, the constellation of Orion. You will also see how this reserve keeps part of its ancestral forests that form interesting natural tunnels, which makes this place unique.

Following this hike through stunning rocky formations of Serranía de La Lindosa, we will cross different caves and
galleries in El Bambú farm. If we are lucky, we will run into the photogenic but slippery Gallito de Roca Guayanés at
this rupicola cave.

Day 2


We will go towards the cave paintings of Nuevo Tolima. At this archeological spot you will see what was supposed to be a hunting ritual from 7.000 yearsold pre-Hispanic tribes. You can also detail this cave paintings behind a viewpoint that shows the immensity of the plain finding the forest.

Afterwards, we will enter a system of natural tunnels and overlapping rocks that defy gravity, because the biggest rock is on top of the smallest without falling, as if there was a magic trick behind them. Most of them look like trees or mushrooms, planted by heavy legged beings.

Finally, we will arrive to a natural pool that helps you relax after a big walk through the savannah and enjoying the formations.

Day 3


Today we are going to gain insight into the natural and cultural reserve Cerro Azul. This village is located at 2
hours from San Jose’s inner city and is the perfect example of community-based tourism. You will be able
to see classical artistic creations that reflex a thousandyear tradition. Afterwards, you will see how the conservation efforts of the community have kept alive ancestral traditions from different communities such as

Starting the path to Cerro Pinturas, a 300 mts. height formation, you will get to know the history of its villagers, crossing a forest that will take you to their sacred caves. These 200 mts long caves finish in Cerro Azul, where you will see the plain at one side, and in the other the forest that protects Chiribiquete. You will observe three immense panels, that have a 1.200 mts paintings surface, which represents hunting and ritual ancestral 12.200 years-old scenes.

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• According to availability.

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