Embark on an extraordinary journey through Colombia’s legendary coffee regions with our exclusive coffee tour experience. Explore the lush hillsides of the Coffee Triangle and immerse yourself in the rich traditions of coffee cultivation and production. Join local farmers as they handpick ripe coffee cherries, learn the secrets of expert roasting, and indulge in tasting sessions that unveil the complex flavors of Colombian coffee. From the picturesque landscapes of coffee plantations to the vibrant coffee culture of bustling cities, our tour promises an unforgettable adventure for coffee enthusiasts. Join us and discover the essence of Colombian coffee like never before.


4 Days

“The city of eternal spring”. It refers to an appellative that refers to a clear, luminous and loving metaphor, which invites...


4 Days

“The metropolis of Colombia”. With more than seven million of people, Bogotá is the city with more multicultural diversity of...

4 Days

You are about to discover a region full of natural beauty, colorful architecture and a culture that offers to all visitors...