Discover the Amazon: A Paradise of Natural Secrets and Ancestral Culture

Welcome to an unparalleled adventure in the Colombian Amazon, where nature and ancestral culture intertwine in a mystical embrace and a melting pot of traditions. The Amazon is a diverse and mysterious department that awaits you to reveal its natural secrets and cultural richness.

Amazon Geography at a Glance

Although it is one of Colombia’s largest departments, much of the Amazon is still unexplored territory, where the jungle is at its most spectacular. It is bordered to the north by Caquetá and Vaupés, to the east by the Amazon in Brazil, to the south by Loreto in Peru and to the west by Putumayo. Its rivers, such as the Amazon, Apaporis, Putumayo and Caquetá, are not only communication routes, but also sources of life and adventures to discover.

Magical Destinations in the Amazon

The Amazon is home to natural and cultural gems to explore. From the lush biodiversity of the Amacayacu National Natural Park to authentic experiences in places like Puerto Nariño, Comunidad Mocagua, Lagos Tarapoto and Loretayacu. Leticia, the departmental capital, is the gateway to this paradise.

A Biodiversity Sanctuary

Nature is the heart of the Amazon. The inhabitants of this land have cultivated a deep knowledge of medicinal plants, rivers, animals and the land in general. This translates into a deep respect for the environment and a culture where spirituality and sacred nature are fundamental. In this paradise, you will find tall trees, lianas, and the majestic ceiba. In addition, unique species such as the pink dolphin and the water tiger, which are considered mythological beings in this culture.

Cultural Diversity in the Amazon

The Amazon is a melting pot of cultures. In this multi-ethnic territory, the “leticianos” come from different origins, such as Colombia, Brazil and Peru. In the Amazon, approximately 26 indigenous ethnic groups coexist, with a population of 46,000. The Tukano, Arawak, Tikuna, Yagua, Yacuna, Uitoto and Nukak tribes are just some of the tribes you will find in the region, many of them on the tri-border between Colombia, Brazil and Peru.

Amazonian gastronomy

The cuisine of the Amazon is a true feast for the senses. Based on fishing, hunting and a rich mix of Colombian, Brazilian and Peruvian flavours, it offers unique dishes such as patarashca, chuchuhuasi, copoazú cream, catfish in coconut sauce and moqueado fish. Every bite is a culinary adventure that reveals the essence of this land.

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