Meta: Where Sunrises and Sunsets Are Nature’s Masterpieces

Imagine this: The sun paints the sky with warm colours while the river murmurs soft songs. All you have to do is lie in a hammock and enjoy a Colombian coffee. This is not a dream, this is Meta, Colombia’s gift to the world, where simplicity is intertwined with the majesty of nature.

Exploring the Treasures of Meta

Meta is home to Caño Cristales, known as the “river of seven colours”. During the months of June to November, you can explore this unique natural phenomenon, where colourful algae dance in the crystal clear waters. Take walks to discover different sceneries and immerse yourself in the refreshing waters – a wonder you must experience!

Güejar Canyon: Between Foothills and Plains

This natural corner between the foothills and the plains hides spectacular landscapes. It is an ideal place for activities such as photography, rafting and ecotourism. Discover its natural pools and waterfalls.

Bioparque los Ocarros: A Refuge for Wildlife

In the capital of Meta, Villavicencio, you will find the Bioparque los Ocarros. This sanctuary is dedicated to the protection and education of wildlife. It is perfect for a family experience and to get to know the biodiversity of Meta.

Sumapaz National Natural Park: Connect with Nature

Covering more than 154,000 hectares, this park spans several departments. Here, you can connect with nature at its best. Take guided walks on its ecological trails and immerse yourself in Colombia’s natural beauty.

Flavours of Meta: Unique Gastronomy

Mamona, sancocho de gallina criolla, grilled fish and carne a la llanera are just the beginning of a delicious gastronomic journey. Thanks to the growth of tourism and industry, you will find a wide variety of options to satisfy your cravings.

Festivals and Traditions

San Martín, one of the municipalities of Meta, celebrates one of the oldest and most significant festivals in the department: the Cuadrillas de San Martín, declared a national cultural heritage site. This festival is brimming with music, joropo, coleo and an unrivalled festive spirit.

Myths and Legends

In Meta, rich culture is intertwined with fascinating myths and legends. Meet the Madre Monte, a corpulent figure dressed in leaves who dwells at the headwaters of the streams. Her cries are said to provoke torrential rains and she is feared for punishing unfaithful men and those who threaten the earth.

You will also find the Bola de Fuego or Candileja, a mysterious light that moves across the dark plain. Some say it approaches swiftly and increases in size, revealing a cadaverous face. Popular belief is that you should not pray to it, but chase it away with strong words.

Welcome to the Heart of Colombia

Meta will always welcome you with its characteristic warmth and unique beauty. Make memorable plans in this colourful land, where the sunrises and sunsets are true masterpieces of nature. Come and discover the magic of Meta in Colombia.

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