Discover the Magic of Guainía: Where Jungles and Rivers Await You

If you are a lover of unspoiled nature and authentic experiences, Guainía is the perfect destination for you. This department, located in the Colombian Amazon-Orinoquia region, is a hidden treasure with lush landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. Get ready to discover the natural beauty and ancestral knowledge of Guainía.

Nature at its best:

Rivers are the heart of Guainía, and their waters are the means of transportation and source of food for many local communities. In addition, along the majestic Inírida River, you will come across the Mavecure Hills, three enormous rock formations: Pajarito, Mono and Mavicure. These rocks, which are a symbol of the department, are home to the indigenous Puinave community, and offer breathtaking views that you’ll want to capture on your camera.

The Puinawai National Nature Reserve is another place to explore. It is the second largest reserve in Colombia and is home to 44 communities that depend directly on this land. Here you’ll find a diversity of savannahs, forests and unique flora and fauna that few have had the privilege to experience.

Ancestral Knowledge:

Guainía is home to diverse indigenous communities that possess ancestral knowledge about their environment. These communities share myths and legends about the places and species that inhabit this land, inviting you to appreciate and conserve its richness from a unique perspective.

The Curripaco, settled in the basins of the Isana, Atabapo and Guainía rivers, are experts in the creation of “bijao” baskets. The Puinave practice traditional medicine passed down from generation to generation through oral tradition. The Guhiba ethnic group stands out for their skill in planting, caring for, harvesting and processing bitter yucca, which they use both in handicrafts and food. The Piapoco, with a strong presence in Inírida, combine agriculture with fishing and hunting.

Innovative Ecological Projects:

Guainía is a place where the community strives to balance development with conservation. Projects such as the “Stingless Bee Honey Route” promote sustainable practices and generate income for local families. This project has shown that it is possible to benefit from bee honey without harming their hives.

Education is also a priority in Guainía, with projects that seek to empower children to learn about their territory and cultural heritage. This ensures that traditions are kept alive and shared with future generations, often through tourism.

The preservation of endemic species and the promotion of local practices and knowledge are ongoing efforts to make Guainía’s natural and cultural wealth more accessible to tourists, while ensuring its protection and sustainability.

Guainía awaits you with open arms to show you the beauty of its jungles, rivers and the heritage of its indigenous communities. Discover the magic of this unique destination in Colombia and witness the harmonious interaction between nature and ancestral culture!

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