Exploring Guaviare: Archaeological Treasures and Dazzling Nature

Welcome to an unforgettable journey into the green heart of Colombia, the department of Guaviare. This destination combines ancient history and natural wonders in a breathtaking setting.

Petroglyphs and the Oral Tradition of Guaviare

Delve into the rich oral tradition of this sacred land. The petroglyphs at Cerro Azul are true archaeological treasures that connect Guaviare with millenary civilizations. These cave paintings, an essential part of the local culture, are the legacy of their ancestors and a window into history.

Pluri-ethnic Culture and Treasures of the Past

Guaviare is synonymous with ethnic diversity. Home to numerous indigenous peoples, such as the Nukak, Desano, Guayabero, and many more, this territory shares its language, customs and traditions across generations. A place where ancestral culture is alive and thriving.

The Magic of Nature

In Guaviare, nature is the protagonist. Discover the oldest mountain formations on the planet, the Tepuyes, in the Serranía de Chiriquibete National Natural Park. This is a unique ecosystem, home to the mysterious Lost Cities, Stone City, Tunnels, The Walls, Orion Gate and the Natural Bridges.

Refuge of Biodiversity and Pure Water

Guaviare is a treasure trove of water resources and biodiversity. From Laguna Negra to Balneario Tranquilandia, passing through the Serranía la Lindosa and Laguna Damas de Nare, every corner offers breathtaking scenery. In addition, the department is committed to preserving this vital resource and reforesting the forest, rebuilding biodiversity.

Gastronomy of Guaviare: Emerging Flavours

Guaviare’s gastronomic offer is booming. Thanks to projects by ex-combatants restoring the territory, you can now savour local delicacies. From quiñapira to cassava and moqueado fish, the food reflects the diversity and richness of this land.

Legacy to the World

Guaviare is a place where archaeological treasures, ancestral culture and dazzling nature intertwine to create a unique experience. Here, history and biodiversity are cared for with love and respect. Come and explore Guaviare, a legacy for the world.

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