Discover Vichada: An Eden of Natural Wonders and Ancestral Culture

Ready for a unique adventure? Vichada is waiting for you! This destination offers you an unparalleled connection with nature, while you experience the warmth of its people and discover its traditions and music. Get ready for a trip you will never forget!

The Morichal: Symbol of Vichada

The morichal is the emblem of Vichada, and represents this region’s deep bond with water. From the moriche palms, essential fibres are obtained to create beautiful handicraft products, such as baskets. In Vichada, the ability to fish, hunt and navigate the rivers is part of the daily life of the llaneros.

Gastronomic delights of Vichada

In Vichada, grilled fish is the king of the table. Cachama and piranha are the stars of the grills and roasts thanks to the abundance of water and the skill of the fishermen. These succulent dishes are accompanied by traditional foods of indigenous influence, such as mandoca, mañoco and fariña, prepared with manioc flour.

Natural Treasure: El Tuparro National Natural Park

El Tuparro National Park, with its 548,000 hectares of jungle and rivers, is a natural paradise. Here, bird watching is an unforgettable experience. The park is home to the impressive Raudales de Maipures, on the banks of the Orinoco River, and the ancient cemetery of the Maipures, an indigenous group now extinct.

Llanero folklore at its best

In Vichada, llanero folklore is in the air. Traditions are passed down from generation to generation and celebrated with enthusiasm at festivals such as El Cachicamo de Oro or the Reinado del Curito, where talented singer-songwriters and joropo dancers will amaze you. In addition, coleo and cattle shows are events that attract locals and visitors alike.

The Wonders of the Indigenous Communities

In Vichada, the indigenous communities of the Orinoco and Amazon are custodians of rich cultural expressions. Events such as the Indigenous Cultural Festival, the Festival de la Yuca Brava and the Reinado de Cumare showcase their handicrafts, including beautiful baskets made from Cumare Palm and Moriche Palm. You’ll also find wood carvings of animals emblematic of the region, such as deer, armadillos, pink dolphins, chigüiros, caimans and turtles.

Discover the Wonder of Vichada

We invite you to explore a unique territory that combines the vast savannah of the plains and the lush Amazon jungle. In Vichada, you can immerse yourself in adventure, get to know its natural diversity, appreciate its traditions and experience its rich culture through music, dances, gastronomy and handicrafts, which highlight the traditions of the indigenous communities of Vichada.

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