Vaupés: A Gateway to the Amazing Colombian Rainforest

Looking for a unique adventure? Vaupés invites you to explore its vast jungle and rich water resources. Here, a multitude of cultures struggle to preserve their ancestral knowledge and protect their natural environment.

Land of Tepuis and Endless Rainforests

Covering more than 54,000 square kilometres, the department of Vaupés is defined by its unexplored jungle, endless rivers and breathtaking waterfalls. It is part of the Guiana Shield, one of the oldest geological formations in the world. Its landscapes are adorned with tepuis that emerge majestically from the jungle, harbouring an immense biological diversity of fauna and flora.

Abundance of Water and Birds in Vaupés

Vaupés is a paradise for nature lovers. Its rivers, such as the Apaporis, Vaupés, Querarí, Isana, Papurí and Taraira, flow with life, and its streams and waterfalls, such as Yuruparí and Jirijirimo, demonstrate the magnificence of this natural resource in the region. In addition, the capital, Mitú, is one of the best places in Colombia for bird watching, with more than 550 species identified. The height of its trees facilitates the observation of these marvellous creatures.

Cradle of Indigenous Wealth

Vaupés is home to around 27 indigenous ethnic groups, making it a cultural epicentre of great importance. Piratapuyos, Desanas, Tucanos and Cubeos are just some of the communities present, representing 37% of the total indigenous population. Despite linguistic differences, these cultures share a belief in the Anaconda Ancestral, a creative figure who gave life to their communities. The people of Vaupés live in harmony with Mother Earth and their fellows, respecting and preserving nature.

Music and Dance: The Cultural Heartbeat of Vaupés

Music and dance are fundamental in the life of Vaupés. The indigenous communities unite in traditional celebrations and dances such as the yarumo dance, which represents the rising of the fish. The dance of the carrizo, made with small reed wind instruments, is part of all the festivities. These cultural manifestations honour the traditions and cosmogony of the indigenous peoples.

Gastronomy of the jungle

The food in Vaupés is based on ingredients from the jungle and rivers. The star dish is quiñapirá, fish cooked with chilli that is aged in the pot for several days. Other typical dishes include casabe y fariña, carne de lapa, chive de patavá, pescado moqueado, pilao de cerrillo and mojojoy. These delicacies are a constant presence at festivals and in the homes of the communities of Vaupés.

Total Disconnection

Vaupés gives you the opportunity to get away from civilisation and connect with nature and the traditions of the indigenous communities who call this place home. Explore the Yaigojé National Natural Park, a protected area covering more than one million hectares of biological richness. Exceptional destinations include the Raudal de Jirijirimo, the Vaupés River, the Cerro Way Reariku and the 620-metre high Centro Camino Reriku.

Vaupés is a treasure waiting to be discovered, a corner of Colombia that will immerse you in a unique experience. Dare to explore its natural landscapes, its traditions and rich culture, and discover life through the eyes of the indigenous communities of Vaupés. We are waiting for you in this Colombian jungle paradise!

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