Discover the Magic of Arauca: Nature, History and Culture in One Place

If you are a lover of nature, history and culture, Arauca is the destination you are looking for. This beautiful department, located in the Amazon and Orinoco region of Colombia, awaits you with open arms to offer you a unique experience. From majestic landscapes to rich indigenous and llanero traditions, Arauca has a lot to offer curious travellers.

Llanero History and Culture:

Arauca is a land rich in history and culture. Here, you can explore vast ranches and farms while enjoying the rhythm of traditional songs and vaquería. The people of Arauca are proud of their historical legacy, as this region was a pivotal point in Simón Bolívar’s liberation campaign. Feel the strength and bravery of the llaneros as you travel through this territory.

Must-see destinations:

El Cocuy National Natural Park: With its 306,000 hectares of jungle, Andean forest, paramos and sub-páramo, this park is a paradise for nature lovers. Hiking, climbing and photography await you in this corner of biodiversity.

Esteros de los Llanos: These depressions near the rivers are ideal for observing birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians. A unique ecosystem that will surprise you.

Catedral Santa Barbara: This iconic place in the centre of Arauca is a reminder of its history and a perfect place to learn more about the department.

Adventure Tourism:

Do you like extreme sports? Arauca offers unique experiences in hiking, rallying and other adventure sports. Explore waterfalls, trails, rivers and caves, while discovering the legends and rituals that give life to this land.

Exotic gastronomy:

The food in Arauca is an experience in itself. Try unique dishes based on proteins such as venison, chigüiro, bush pig, babilla and galápago. These delicacies are accompanied by soups, arepas, tumbos, dried meat and beechnuts. It also shares gastronomic traditions with Venezuela.

Oral Tradition and Literature:

The experiences of the llaneros are captured in songs, poems and stories that narrate their sunrises, challenges in the savannah and the Arauca River. Meet outstanding writers from the region such as Silvia Aponte, Miguel Mateus and Humberto Amaya Luzardo.

Cultural Wealth: Music and Handicrafts:

You can’t visit Arauca without witnessing a llanero festival. Here, harp and joropo music will captivate you. Admire the colourful costumes inspired by the landscape and feel the passion of the dancers. Also, explore the local handicrafts, from espadrilles to hats and pieces of wood, leather and moriche palm.

In Arauca, every sunrise and sunset will fill you with excitement. Experience its festivals, its tourist plans and discover the friendliness of its people. Arauca is waiting for you for an unforgettable experience, don’t wait any longer and come and discover this wonderful corner of Colombia!

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